Creating the Best Content for your Facebook Advertising

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Looking for ways to get your business discovered by potential customers on Facebook?  Amplifying your messaging can help get your products or services in front of your target audience.

How do you determine what content will perform best on Facebook’s ad platform, and push people to perform the desired action? Through proper targeting and thoughtfully made content you can increase the likelihood of that checkout or lead submission.  

So where should you start?

First let’s look at different types of content you can create, that perform best with different audiences:


(Predominantly people who have never heard of your brand)

  1. “About Us” video – Tell your brand’s story!
  2. Pictures of your work/items for sale – Give a visual representation to show what your business offers.
  3. Pictures of people using or enjoying your product or service – Buyers are more likely to purchase from you if they can see others similar to themselves using your products or services.


(People who have heard of you, and might have engaged with you on social media)

  1. A visual or verbal representation of why your product or service is better than the competition – What separates you from the pack? Highlight your value props. You can hire professionals such as a photojournalist in order for your media to captivate your audience.
  2. Video or photography that instills FOMO by not having or using your product or service – Before and After shots are amazing for this!
  3. Carousels or photos of your products or services, incentivizing the sale – Don’t be afraid to ask for the business here! You can highlight a new product or service, or even your top selling item!


 (These customers are already on your mailing list, or have added things to the cart. What can you do to solidify this transaction?)

  1. Eye catching sale graphics – Your Hot Audience is ready to buy! Showcase sale items or sales on services.
  2. A timed sale – Create a sale with a limited time to complete the transaction or limited products or services available for sale.
  3. Video or creative graphics with customer testimonials – Create a sense of brand trust by showing people praising the products or services you offer.

With this sequential audience targeting process, you can figure out what content will work best for your brand, and marketing process, based on the consumer’s current position in the buyer’s journey! Now let’s delve more into what content the Facebook algorithm will support, so you can get the best return from all of your creative effort.

Content Creation Guide:

Before you hire a photographer or start creating your content, there’s a few things to know about what content Facebook will find “disruptive” to the user.

For example, you should never advertise content that has text that takes up over 20% of the image:

Facebook views this amount of text as an abstraction to the quality of the user experience. Impressions served will become limited and increase costs for that particular ad.Please also note that misinformation or illegal content will also be flagged by Facebook as disruptive.  If you are unsure about any kind of prohibited content, review the Facebook Advertising Policies before sponsoring any content.

Need more information on what kind of content will work best for your Facebook ads? We can help you create highly effective ads that will help you get the most out of your advertising budgets. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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