Case Study:

Honey I'm Home Nutritious Foods

Honey I'm Home Nutritious Foods is a St. Louis based meal prep and delivery company that offers stress free, nutritious, and delicious meals delivered straight to their customers.

The Challenge

After working exclusively on Instagram the client wanted to expand their online reach, and online business functionality by designing and developing a customized e-commerce website. Our strategy consisted of three parts:

  1. Website Design
  2. E-commerce Functionality
  3. Honey Drippin'

Website Design

The design process consisted of identifying brand colors and fonts that resonated best with the existing brand, as well as finding complimentary colors and fonts that expanded our design options on the site.

After reviewing multiple options together we were able to put together images, fonts, colors, and layouts that looked great and represented the brand well.

You can visit the site here.

E-commerce Functionality

The client wanted a website that allowed their customers to not only learn about specific menu options, but actually complete full transactions on the site.

This process involved creating unique sorting, shopping cart, and payment functionality that is unique to e-commerce websites.

Honey Drippin'

The idea of honey dripping from the header menu was established early on in the initial idea of the design. After some time, and a few iterations, we were able to establish a cool effect on the site that co-exists beautifully with the functionality of the rest of the design, and ultimately tied the theme of the website together.


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