Is It Time to Redesign My Website?

If there’s one factor that helps you build the foundation of your business, it’s a website. We may be biased, but at Magnifyre we believe a website is hands-down the best way to tell your brand’s story and appear credible in the eyes of your customers. It’s important to have a platform that shares the work you do with your consumers, and a professional website like the websites by Move Ahead Media can do just that. Automation is becoming increasingly a dominant factor for business success in 2021. In order to reduce the noise, web development company in Sydney, Australia builds virtual cabinets for businesses to streamline their everyday processes.

However, there comes a time when you will have to re-evaluate your website design, and if necessary, build something entirely new with the help of UT website design company. This is not something that should typically happen on a whim, but instead because your website is unable to bring in the results it should.  Part of evaluating your business marketing strategy is measuring your existing website against your goals. If you aren’t happy with your current results, it might be time to change your website or maybe get a new marketing strategy. A professional web designer from the web development services can help you achieve both visual and functional appeal. 

But for your guidance, we’ve listed down some of the most important reasons why businesses like yours should consider a website redesign:

Ensuring Mobile Optimization

Is your website mobile-friendly? 

If not, then that is a huge lag that you need to fill. More than 50% of traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets so not having a responsive website design puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Not only are you driving traffic away but you’re also discouraging retention of your existing customers who may be interested in buying from you, but might find your website difficult to navigate.

Another reason that you need to have an adaptive design is that Google indexes websites based on the mobile version of your website, instead of the desktop version. I don’t have to elaborate on why it’s important to consider how the biggest search engine in the world ranks your website. Use to gather the best tips and examples to make your business website grow.

You don’t want to miss out on valuable traffic with an outdated web design, do you? This is not a trend, more and more business is conducted on mobile devices each year. Make your web design mobile-friendly, you’ll thank yourself later.

SEO Optimization

Your golden ticket to a higher ranking website is content. When people come across your website, they are looking for answers to their questions or problems. 

According to, using the right keywords in the content on your website will help search engines connect you to customers looking for what you offer, and increase the value and quantity of your traffic. 

Besides interlacing the right keywords throughout your website, linking your content to other valuable content on the other pages of your website will make your website easy to navigate for your customers and increase your chances of higher rankings from Google.

Remember, Google’s main priority is to get the best content in front of the right person. Creating a website that is not only optimized for the user’s search, but making it easier for them to navigate, is a winning combination that is looked upon favorably by the search engine titan. When considering to build a new website, you might want to read here about the best web hosting service you can get.

The best seo providers can start adding SEO-rich content slowly or completely revamp your existing website content if the information is no longer relevant. The important thing here is to take action now, so you aren’t missing valuable traffic from potential buyers.

Ensuring Website Security

When you’re building a platform that represents you, its security operations should be your utmost priority. Learn more about soc services here.

Old websites can be hacked and the entire experience will cause you pain and labor. 

Not to mention, a hacked website can be enough to damage your brand’s reputation in the eyes of the customer. 

When a website gets old, so does its technology. 

Old technology increases the chance of a security breach on your website. Make sure that you have an SSL Certificate and the right plugins and security applications in place to lessen the risk of a hack. To update your security measures, it might be advisable to contact professionals, like the ones on

Website Speed

Long gone are the days of dial-up internet when it was common to wait over 30 seconds for a web page to load. 

With so much happening on the internet, and so many options available to the users, speed of information delivery is crucial.

If your website isn’t loading as fast as your competitors, that could result in lost business. 

Not to mention, the bounce rate (simply, how quickly a user leaves your website) of your website can be heavily influenced by its load speed.

If people are leaving your website before it even loads, this is sending a signal to the search engines that your website is NOT what users are looking for. That’s bad news for your website rankings.

 A slow website is annoying and may chase away people who may be interested in your products. To improve its load time, you can optimize images, compress heavy files, simplify CSS, Java Script or the HTML used and leverage the browser cache.

Patience is great, but so is quickly delivering information to your prospective customers. Don’t make them wait! 

Update Content Regularly

If your website has updated content, it will add to your credibility. Users tend to rely on information that is new, fresh, and relevant. In fact, it is one of the most important tactics of SEO to refresh your content regularly. 

If you’ve included backlinks on your web page, make sure that the links are still working as this will add to the value of your article. You can also add multimedia such as video or podcasts to increase the effectiveness of your content and make it more interesting to the customer.

Good news, you don’t have to add completely new content to keep up your ranking. 

In fact, you’ll find that updating your older content with useful information will work great. The key is to be steady, timely and keep the end-user in mind before making changes. 

Make sure your web page is shareable so that the information you put on it can be distributed to other potential customers. 

Is It Time To Change My Web Design?

Take a hard look at your website and see if it is updated in terms of looks and functionality. What may have worked in the past may not work well anymore and this could be causing you to lose quality leads for your business.

Evaluate your website against your competitors’ websites. This will be instrumental in drawing a clear picture of your current position and whether or not you are on pace with the rest of your industry.  If you want to set your business apart, you can ask for some tips from business owners like Andrew Defrancesco.

At Magnifyre we specialize in assisting small businesses in building digital platforms and sustaining them. If you’d like to revamp your website or develop it from scratch, we can help you with that. Our team believes in using integrated digital strategies to drive action and we make sure that all the digital assets we create for you, align with your overall vision.

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