Case Study:

PRIME Nutrition

P.R.I.M.E. Nutrition specializes in helping people to kickstart their weight loss journey and make lifestyle changes to live a healthier life by providing nutrition-based education and health services.

The Challenge

Launching a new 30 day program for 90% off the original price, Prime Nutrition needed solid Facebook Ads. These ads needed to have tailored targeting as well as a clean landing page for traffic that was interested in the program. To help them attain new interested clients, our plan was to execute these three important pieces:

  1. Landing Page Design
  2. Facebook Ad Design
  3. Facebook Ad Targeting

Landing Page Design

For Prime Nutrition, driving traffic from multiple Facebook ads to a concise landing page was critical in solidifying online sales.  This landing page needed to be not only cohesive with the Facebook ads, but it needed to quickly and clearly answer any questions interested clients might have on the retailed package.  That way, someone could book their appointments directly from the landing page without having to sift through the entire Prime Nutrition website to find the offer.

To further educate landing page traffic, an animated video of the contouring machine process was included for further clarification and to give a good visual representation of what the client’s results would be.  Multiple “claim offer” buttons were included throughout the landing page as a call to action for clients to book at any time while reading information.  

Finally, for efficient booking, a text box was included to fill out your information as well as assurance as promised in the Facebook Ad copy for “100% money back” should results not be effective.

Facebook Ad Design

The most important part of our Facebook Ad designs was keeping the copy concise with the offer on our landing page.  We requested content from Prime Nutrition of clients with one of the doctors, as well as images of the machine that was being retailed in the special offer.  A few videos of the doctors talking about their business were also included and used as Facebook Ads.

Bright banners were included on each ad graphic with large, attention getting copy.  Mixing photos of real people from Prime Nutrition, as well as the copy and bright colors, yielded a higher response than just a photo of the machine in the package being retailed.  Our Facebook Ads including only photos of their staff or clients also yielded higher page traffic and purchases.  

Click Through Rate on the ads for the Month of April yielded 10.21%. Industry average for CTR in for nutritional ads range 2-5%.

Each particular photo from Prime Nutrition was given 3 different versions of copy.  Each version was made linearly with our landing page copy and were targeted at different audiences at different times to create the greatest results.

People often gravitate towards content they can easily understand or relate to.  The more “clickable” the ad graphic, the more profitable the ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Properly targeting Facebook Ads is arguably the most important part of the ad creation process.  As requested by Prime Nutrition, we created a Male Targeted Ad as well as a Female Targeted Ad for their special package being offered.

For example, these targeting credentials for our female ad were thoughtfully chosen to reach the desired audience.  Prime Nutrition requested that we target local potential clients located near their St. Louis locations, and since this was a female targeted ad, women were the chosen gender.  Diving further into who we wanted to see these ads, we decided that we wanted to target females who were parents and between the age of 30-55.  Finally, a targeting credential of having an interest in Zumba Dance was applied to reach clients who might be interested in alternatives to going to a gym every day.  Knowing your audience is arguably more important than the money put behind ads.

Besides having proper targeting, cohesive ad creative was made.  For our Male Targeted Ads, we designed a graphic including a photo from Prime Nutrition with an in house doctor as well as the 3 versions of text copy.  We did the same for Female Targeted Ads but included the photo of a female patient with a doctor.  It’s important to get the correct content in front of the correct audience for the greatest return on spend.

Targeting with the videos of the doctors talking ranged in age and gender, but were targeted in a specific radius around the St. Louis area.


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