Case Study: Uncommon Threads

Uncommon Threads Jewelry designer Randi Chervitz's internationally recognized precious metal jewelry line is carried by craft galleries, museum stores, and stylish boutiques across the US and Canada as well as in her online store.

The Challenge

To properly showcase the beautifully handcrafted jewelry line of the online Uncommon Threads store, we executed an in-studio photo and video shoot to curate new content for digital advertising. Along with eye-catching product photography and a brand introduction video, proper audiences for targeting needed to be chosen and matched with appropriate ad copy.

  1. Photo Execution
  2. In-Studio Intro Video
  3. Launching Digital Ads

Photo Execution

Before any Magnifyre photoshoot, we always like to brainstorm a shot list for our clients to look over and choose content ideas from.  For Uncommon Threads, we decided on these specific pieces of content to create for our digital ads: Colorful product flat lays, products shot on a clean white background by collection, and solo product shots.

It was important to also maintain the shine and brightness in our product photography during the editing process to highlight the elegance and handcrafted aspects of the Uncommon Threads brand.  To stay cohesive with the ecommerce website, we photographed the collections strategically on white backdrops for a clean look.  For pops of color, we used added items such as the red brick to complement the handcrafted and metallic jewelry pieces.  Compared to the clean white backdrops, the colorful backgrounds were meant to be more eye-catching to have less of a staged “advertisement feel”.

Knowing your audience and their brand expectations is important when creating content for online ad campaigns.  By showcasing the Uncommon Threads pieces in different environments, we aimed to catch the attention of potential customers who were brand aware as well as new clients who might have come across one of the beautiful colorful flat lays.

In-Studio Intro Video

For the video portion of our in-studio shoot, we recorded a few videos of the creation of some woven metallic pieces well as an introduction video featuring the artist and owner Randi.

With the brand introduction video, we wanted to create a sense of trust and authenticity in our Cold Audience Targeting  (people who had potentially never heard of the brand).  Randi explained what Uncommon Threads is and the types of handmade products she sells.  This form of video media is so important because we can create brand awareness in audiences who might be interested in the brand without trying to sell something to them immediately.  Potentially, these targeted audiences will follow or subscribe to the brand and become future purchasers.

With our video of Randi creating a woven metal piece from scratch, we wanted to communicate to potential customers that each jewelry piece is not only handmade, but unique and original.  Viewers can watch the short, sped up 20 second video and understand that time and skill goes into each piece.

Launching Digital Ads

After creating photography and video content, we discussed potential audience targeting.  Even the most beautiful and eye-catching content can fail to be effective in converting sales if it is not placed in front of the right consumers.

Since Uncommon Threads is a luxury brand, our targeting needed to cater to potential clientele that would be interested in luxury items or that lived in areas that would purchase high end jewelry items.  Working with Randi, we determined areas and age demographics that historically would be more inclined to purchase her jewelry items, as well as cities that she had done jewelry showcases in the past.

When considering demographics, think of who buys your services and where they are located.  You can look back at purchase history as well as think of places or people who historically showed the most interest.  For example, with Uncommon Threads we knew that larger cities and upper class areas would be more inclined to shop the luxury jewelry brand.

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