Case Study:

Willett & Patton DDS

An award-winning dentist with a passion for medical missions was expanding his practice and wanted to rebrand his outdated website to include the addition of a new associate. The office was relying on the website to drive new patient acquisition and to drive qualified leads through the funnel.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to craft and employ a multi-channel approach for driving qualified leads, harnessing the power of branding and organic and paid search. Our strategy consisted of three parts:

1. Rebrand website to reflect new practice identity
2. Employ local SEO techniques to ensure consistency and rank in local search
3. Create paid search campaigns targeting high revenue, low competition keywords


We built a clean website optimized for conversion, making it easy for visitors to take desired actions like scheduling an appointment. A high converting website is key. You can get lots of traffic, but without a high conversion rate, it’s meaningless. Right now, the site conversion rate is 8%.


Next, we launched a local SEO strategy that targeted high volume, low competition dentist and service-related keywords. Currently, the website ranks on page 1 of Google for 31 local, dentistry-related keywords. The website appears in the top two organic positions for 7 of those keywords including “dentist columbia mo” and “cosmetic dentist.”


Last, we launched an Google Adwords Campaign focused on high revenue keywords such as dental veneers and emergency dentist. On average, Google ads convert at 5% and drive an additional 200 site visits per month. Site visitors that originate from AdWords convert at 20%. That’s an additional 30-40 calls and contact requests each month.


Your business and it’s success is just as important to us as it is to you! We believe in creating valuable and engaging content that best represents your values and what you bring to our local St. Louis community.

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