Case Study:

Tenfold Counseling Group

Tenfold Counseling provides counseling services for adolescents/teens & adults, based in Kansas City, Missouri. They specialize in individual counseling, couples counseling, Christian counseling, and mental health support.

The Challenge

With the complexity of changing safety guidelines throughout 2020 and the increased difficulty of meeting in-person for therapy sessions, Tenfold Counseling wanted to promote their Teletherapy services to better serve new and existing patients. Our strategy to help them accomplish this consisted of three parts:

  1. Landing Page Design
  2. Google Ads
  3. Facebook Ads

Landing Page Design

Creating a page for prospective patients to gather the information they needed to make a decision was a huge driver of results throughout this campaign.

After split testing variation of "Teletherapy" we quickly realized this term converted leads at the highest rate.

We offered multiple points throughout the page for conversion to take place, included video explanations of the offer, and positive reviews from existing patients.

Visit the landing page here.

Google Ads

With competition looking for similar results in the Kansas City area, we had to make sure our ads targeted the highest converting keywords, while simultaneously adding negative keywords to ensure our ads didn't show up for the wrong searches.

Additionally, we wanted to make sure once our ads did show up for the right searches, it took up a large percentage of the search results page, which is why we implemented Google's Ad Extensions, allowing us to showcase more information on the ad itself.

With the above strategy, continuous A/B testing of ad copy, and strategically segmented ad groups, we were able to produce conversions at a cost 79% lower than similar industry benchmarks.

Facebook Ads

Another source of lead generation was brewed up on Facebook through the effective use of their psychographic targeting, retargeting capabilities, and data-influence Lookalike audiences.

Using various ad format options and creatives, we landed on using the full-screen Instant Experience ads as the driver of results on mobile devices.

With a click-thru rate over 4x higher than industry benchmarks, we were  also able to generate leads at a 38% lower cost.

The branding from the ad campaign also landed Tenfold Counseling a spot on KC Spotlight during Women's Health Week.


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