Case Study:

UnBound Mongolia

UnBound Mongolia is an organization whose purpose is to end and prevent human trafficking in Mongolia by activating the local community through awareness and education. UnBound’s primary audience is Mongolians, but they needed an English version of the website to educate and inform an international, English-speaking audience.

The Challenge

Design a dual-language website with unique content pertinent to each audience and raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking. Our strategy consisted of three parts:

1. Website Design
2. Persona Research
3. Drive Awareness through Personalized Content


Since each audience required different messaging and had different calls to action, we created two different websites. The Mongolian website included video and blog educational content as well as a call to action to sign a pledge against trafficking. The English website aimed to educate an international audience on the international impact of human trafficking in Mongolia and encourage visitors to financially support UnBound’s efforts.


Because the issue of human trafficking in Mongolia is widely unknown and misunderstood, we needed a way to capture the attention of different groups (men, at risk women, policy makers and law enforcement, etc.) and make the issue both relevant and informative. Using Facebook Audience Insights, we researched interests of each target audience to craft a message that would capture their attention.


Using insights drawn from persona research, we crafted a Facebook ad and targeted young men in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia’s capital. The advertisement below reads “Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry. That is bigger than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined.” By developing personalized content and putting it in front of key target audiences, we were able to drive a high level of awareness at a low cost while building a community of supporters.


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