Video Production

Visually tell your Story

Video is one of the most popular pieces of media online, which is why adding filmed content to your marketing arsenal is crucial. We can help make the process quick, easy, and effective with professional audio and camera equipment.

Whether you have a need for Tik Tok content, or you are super excited to be announcing a new product line, our videography services can help you visually share your brand and what you offer.

Here are some of our favorite uses for video:

  • Tell your brand's origin story
  • Highlight your brick and mortar location
  • Introduce your staff members
  • Visually explain your services
  • Show how your product is made

On-Site Live Recording

Our team is prepped and ready to come to your office or business location to capture creative content highlighting the best parts of your brand. Whether you run a bakery or law firm, video can translate your services to new audiences in your area.

We understand your busy schedule and can take the stress of trying to capture video off your plate.

Our tool box includes knowing when to bring extra lighting, microphones to capture audio, and most importantly how to help you execute your shot list and vision.

Our Video Process

Pre-Recording: Before every video shoot, our team leads a creative call with you to go over your goals and expectations. We also offer pre-made shot lists of ideas we can execute should you want to relieve some of the planning stress.

If you have ideas or examples of video you like, we love seeing your creative preferences!

Production Time:  During our on-site video production, we will execute on your shot list discussed in our creative call.  We are happy to provide direction to your staff, and creative advice on video frames.

Our team understands the importance of respecting your business space, and more importantly your time.

Post Recording: Our team will work diligently to bring your video to life.  We work with leading industry standard editing tools and will creatively piece together your video to tell your brand's story.

We will work with you to ensure that the final product is what you asked for, and deliver a timeless piece of marketing that will help you drive sales and reach new audiences.

Let us help you create a timeless video to show off your business, services, and what makes you special! Contact us to see if our videography services are right for you!