Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Welcome to the New Era of Digital Advertising

Paid Facebook & Instagram Advertising can help you reach new customers from different backgrounds and locations by using content already on your social media pages.  Let us help you set up your next online advertising campaign, and maximize your spending budget.

Our team will do market research for your business by assessing competitors and content strategies fit for your specific industry.  Our detailed research process helps us create custom audiences that will see your digital social media ads in real time, generating new clientele and spending your advertising budget intelligently.

Facebook & Instagram Ads are beneficial for many different types of sales:

  • Service Listings
  • Product Advertisement
  • Session Bookings
  • Job Hiring
  • Event Promotion
  • Brand Awareness

We strive to help promote your content to the right eyes to generate new sales leads and to create multiple campaigns to reach different audiences.

Our Digital Campaign Process

Campaign Planning:  The first step of our social media digital advertising is to have a consultation with you to assess your sales goals, target demographics, and to establish any sales or offers you might be wanting to run.

We will discuss what you currently have in your content arsenal, and what types of media you are wanting to push on what platform.  We also will establish a monthly budget for ad spend, and identify what you are wanting to accomplish from social media advertising.

(Needing a refresh on content? We provide professional Photography & Videography services!)

Running your Campaign:  We will next establish a date for the duration of the advertising, and start your campaigns.  We closely monitor ad performance, and will update you on any changes or developments.

The Monthly Report: Once a month, we will submit to you a full report of how each of your ads performed, and come to you with solutions and tactics to better the ad delivery.

At this time we assess budget, new creative and copy, as well as address any changes you would like made in your campaigns.

Introduce your Business to the World

Facebook & Instagram Advertising can be complicate to navigate, but our team can take the stress out of running ads so you can focus on running your business.

If you are interested in starting Facebook or Instagram digital ads for your business, please contact us for more information!