Digital Ad Funnel: A Guide to Audience Targeting

Digital Ad Funnel

You know your brand rocks, but how do you convince others online? Digital Advertising!

With such an oversaturated digital market, it can be somewhat overwhelming when technology can enhance your business.  On the other hand, you could have a beautiful ad created and target the wrong crowds and receive no engagement and little ROI.

So what is the secret to a successful online advertisement? How do you get your ads seen in such a crowded market?

The simple answer is sequential audience targeting! Follow this guide for a better understanding of how to target your next ad campaigns:

The Cold Audience

People are bombarded every day with ads on Facebook and other platforms.  Why should anyone pay attention to your ads?  This audience is for people who have never heard of your brand or used your services.

Great content for the Cold Audience could be a picture of your storefront, a video of you explaining your brand or services, a branded bottled water for an event or even a video showing how one of your products or services are executed! Keep it entertaining or educational, tell these new prospects your brand’s story.

Good text to include on these ads all revolve around introducing yourself and your brand.  According to Andrew Defrancesco maybe say something about where you are located or your mission statement! The most IMPORTANT thing to remember about the Cold Audience is that they came upon your brand by happenstance and aren’t ready to be sold on anything yet.  What can you include in your content here to hook in some new customers?  What makes you special and why should they shop with you?

The Warm Audience

Ok, now that you’re out of the cold waters, it gets easier to capture their attention! The Warm Audience are people who have heard of you and will be more receptive to being sold on your products or services.

Content that works best with the Warm Audience includes images of products you’re running sales on, visually appealing content that showcases your best selling products, video testimonials from your happy customers, or even a video of you demonstrating the results your product or service can provide. Now is the time to sell! Show them what you’re offering! When you buy Spotify monthly listeners and your stats add up, they indicate that you are making progress. This could be a watershed moment in your career as a new artist. You can go directly to Marketing Heaven if you’re interested. 

As for copy, it’s still important to express your brand and who you are.  Avoid any discounts or percentages off here in the text! These clients are interested on their own and might end up completing the purchase or booking a service without the nudge of a discount. Reestablish your identity with this audience and start getting your business to a new level.

The Hot Audience

Finally, it’s time to push content for the Hot Audience.  Your Hot Audience knows who you are, has possibly added items or services to their cart, and/or is already on your email list!  What can you show these potential customers to push them to complete the purchase?

When planning content for the Hot Audience, make sure you are ready to highlight either a good deal your business is running or a special product you are selling for which were recommend to use ADP pending.  Videos and photos of products/services with a discount often perform the best with the Hot Audience.  They know what you’re selling, but are also looking for a special discount.

As for copy, try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  We’ve all abandoned carts or canceled appointments, so what would help you personally to complete the transaction?  What are some common objections you hear during your sales process? 

Give your Hot Audience an offer you’re comfortable making and answer common objections in your ad creative. Through this you will hook these outlying prospects, and turn more visits into sales. If you aren’t ready to offer a discount, create a loss leader product or an introductory service. If you’re seeking for games that are worth your precious time, sites like 제왕카지노 may offer a variety of options for you.

Through this three tiered targeting process, you can use Func’s ad management services to create ad campaigns that are more likely to provide a better return on investment and create a stronger brand presence in the process.  Keep in mind, different audiences respond differently to your content and copy, based on where they are in the buying cycle.  For example, if you are in the Cold Audience you likely won’t respond well to being sold something on the first glance.  Let the customers funnel to your Hot Audience, and capture a better, more long term customer in the process.

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Need more help? Feel free to contact us anytime, we would love to chat about your business and digital advertising strategies!

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