Creating the Best Content for your Facebook Advertising

Product Photography

Looking for ways to get your business discovered by potential customers on Facebook?  Amplifying your messaging can help get your products or services in front of your target audience. To widen your customer reach, you may also work with an advertising agency to produce and publish your ads in different … Read More

Digital Ad Funnel: A Guide to Audience Targeting

Digital Ad Funnel

You know your brand rocks, but how do you convince others online? Digital Advertising! With such an oversaturated digital market, it can be somewhat overwhelming when technology can enhance your business.  On the other hand, you could have a beautiful ad created and target the wrong crowds and receive no … Read More

360-Degree Video Case Study

360 Degree Video Case Study | Magnifyre
Look and you see a dancer spinning on pointed ballet shoes. Listen and you hear a piano and violins quietly playing in sync with her movements. Tilt up to see lights shining down on you. Spin around to find a empty concert hall with rows upon rows of open seats. ... Read More

Targeted Facebook Advertising to Drive Awareness

Facebook Ad for Non Profit Awareness | Magnifyre
Highly targeted advertisements are the quickest way to grow a nonprofit’s digital community of supporters and increase awareness. In May, we started working with UnBound Mongolia to increase awareness on the issue of human trafficking in Mongolia and build their community of Facebook supporters. Mongolia ranks number 16 in the world for ... Read More